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De Nuno a 30 de Setembro de 2011 às 12:12
What if the show couldn't go on
What if we all got jobs
And got to bed before dawn
What if Old Joe had to retire
What if all the stage hands were let go or fired
That's just like what the world would be
If you fell out of love with me I can't let this happen to you
don't you let it happen to me
What would our friends and family say
If they could only see
If you let this happen to us
Don't think you'd be setting me free
Wasn't it you and I who made
Promises of eternity
What if the lights didn't go on
What if the velvet curtain had to be taken down
What if the clowns couldn't be clowns
And all those painted smiles gave in to plaintive frowns
What if no show ever happened again
No Seven, no 8 1/2, no nine, and no "10"
All numbers and no mystery
No promise of eternity...

The Magnetic Fields | Promises of Eternity

De Luciano a 21 de Janeiro de 2012 às 14:04

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